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Type Theory-based Interpreter [In Progress]
A figure from a math paper
“Incidence Geometry and Universality in the Tropical Plane”
This is a mathematics paper that I wrote with a mentor and two other undergraduates in the summer of 2017 (published October 2018). It resolves three previously open questions regarding tropical geometry (an area of mathematics which, loosely, studies certain piecewise linear structures).
  • With coauthors, produced rigorous proofs of several previously open conjectures.
  • Worked with coauthors to communicate the mathematical content clearly (...to the intended audience of research mathematicians 😛).
  • Presented the paper at two math conferences.
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Ludum Dare entries
An image of an electronic musical instrument
Electromechanical Instrument with Software-Controlled Haptic Feedback
This is an instrument I built for a class in Spring 2019. It consists of a series of bars, each connected to a DC motor and a potentiometer (functioning as an encoder). The system can create various behaviors of the bars - such as by creating virtual detents where the bars settle, increasing the apparent inertia of the bars, counteracting friction, or replaying motions taught to the device. It is controlled by an Arduino which interfaces, over USB, with a laptop.
  • Implements a simple motion controller on an Arduino board.
  • Uses a compact serial protocol for transmitting position data and receiving complex configuration data.
  • Wrote code in Supercollider (a music synthesis programming language) to interpret the data from the device as music.
  • Used milling machine, bandsaw, and hand tools to produce mechanical components.
  • Produced various prototypes, altering both software and hardware, to achieve better results.
A picture of a practice carillon
Practice Carillon
A practice carillon is an instrument meant to allow carillonneurs to practice new music quietly. I designed and built this instrument starting in late 2019 and finishing in mid 2020, using wood and aluminum.
  • Designed the instrument, with a counterweight-based action and with console measurements conforming to the North American carillon standard.
  • Built out of wood and aluminum using various machine tools (mostly a drill press, planer, bandsaw, and miter saw) and hand tools.
  • Used a tiny CNC router to cut curved profiles; wrote code in C++ to communicate with the device and generate appropriate paths - with provisions for interactive work-positioning and various configurations to help optimize the machine's cycle and improve the results from a machine of questionable quality.
A segment of sheet music
Music Composition
I write music, principally for piano and carillon, though occassionally using electronic media.